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Wait ... you're moving to the Jungle?

In 2018 I was planning to move to Peru to do full time ministry among the Yanesha People. As many of you know, the Lord had other plans for me. Just a few months before I was planning to leave, Caleb and I started dating and after a lot of prayer, seeking the counsel of many, and talking to my sending agency we were lead to pause my plans of moving to Peru in October of 2018 to get married and go together at a later date. At the time we were hoping to stay stateside for a year before moving to Peru. Once again the Lord had other plans.

We were married January of 2019 and 5 months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A double mastectomy, 33 treatments of radiation, a global pandemic, and reconstructive surgery later the plans of moving to Peru are now moving forward. The Lord has been so faithful throughout every season of our lives. Caleb is so strong in his faith and he pushes me to desire a deeper relationship with the Lord every day. We have been stretched, broken, torn down, and rebuilt over and over again each time learning how to depend on the Lords strength over our own. We had no idea what these past couple years had in stored for us but through the deepest sorrows and the highest joys we have continually grown to look more like Christ as we follow him and his leading.

Now, as we are planning to move to Peru in May, we have just been blown away at the Lords provision. I left my job at The Pregnancy Network this past December and started full time support raising in January. We have had the great joy of witnessing the Lord at work through his people. Less than two months into support raising the Lord has already provided 50% of the support that we will need to go to Peru for the next couple of years. We have been rendered speechless and often brought to tears by the incredible people who have so generously joined our sending team so far. It is such a joy to offer people here in the states the opportunity to be a part of the ministry to an indigenous people group tucked away in the jungles of Peru.

We are blessed to be sent by such a loving family of believers to share the Good News of who Jesus is to the Yanesha People of Peru, and we are overwhelmingly grateful to be able to go.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our sending team, we would love to meet with you and tell you more about the ministry that we will be joining. You can also follow the link below if you already know you would like to join our team!

We will be sharing more of our story as it unfolds, so until next time!

¡Hasta luego!

Degnation: 2221 - Barker

Check out this short video to see where we are going!


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