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How's Caleb???

Hey everyone, it’s Caleb! You’ve gotten to hear lots (and lots) of information from Morgan and the responses we’ve gotten from all of you following along with us has been incredible! Since Morgan broke her promise to give you guys a shorter blog last time, I’m going to make up for it. The past couple weeks have been crazy and really great all at the same time. From the moment that Morgan called me a couple weeks ago, a few main concepts have been bouncing around in my head and heart. It was clarified to us pretty early on that we were not dealing with something that was life threatening. So what I knew is that what we were going to go through was going to be very hard, but we were both going to end up on the other side of it together. Immediately my prayer was,

“God, I’m going to need you to really show us how big you are, because I’m not big enough to handle this for me or for Morgan.”

For the few of you reading this who know me well, you know that I used to lean into my own self-sufficiency and ability to control the circumstances of my life a lot. God had to break me of those mindsets. In fact, God pretty aggressively broke those down about a year and a half ago through some life altering circumstances and it seems like He timed that growth point perfectly for me to walk with Morgan through this very trial.

There are very few things that will make you feel helpless like the word cancer. To add to things, we learned of the insurance scenario we had that you heard about previously. So here it is. Caleb, your wife has cancer, which you personally can do nothing about, and even going through the steps with the people who can do something about it is going to drown you both financially. What do you do? And go. I don’t know that I “decided” to pray that prayer. It was much more reactionary. I had run out of options in a single moment, and so the words just came. “God I’m going to need you show me how big you are.”

So this is what He did… We started a Go Fund Me, as you already know, and from day one He reminded us of the incredible community we had around us. The finances from that were a breath of fresh air, but we were still scrambling to figure out a way to get insurance. This whole thing was going to blow through 20 grand no problem. At the moment, I am working as a temp due to our previous plans to move to Peru as early as possible in 2020. I was made aware of a position that was opening where I work and so about a month ago I applied. If God saw fit to give me that job, and we were just able to hold on until the benefits kicked in, we’d be alright. That position has been a huge prayer for us. Since you’ve already gotten the spoilers, you know what happens next. I believe just to clarify who He is and what He’s capable of, God led the leaders of GPCC to hire Morgan full time, which brought along medical insurance immediately. Mind. Blown.

Everything changed in that moment. The Go Fund Me was going to be a huge help in taking care of the bills that had already stacked up, and going forward we’d be covered. God was showing me how big He is. We were beyond grateful for all of it, but He wasn’t finished… A couple pretty big things happened on Monday of this week. We found out that someone had finished out the Go Fund Me, which now means that our bills can be paid, and we can meet our out of pocket maximum for the insurance plan Morgan has. As far as we can tell, nearly every medical bill for this entire cancer journey is going to be covered This is solely because so so many of you, by actual finances, promoting employees, or fervent prayer, have stepped into this with us. And just for a little icing on top, I got the job.

Obviously, aside from Morgan being cured of cancer, there were a couple things we wanted to happen through this journey. First, as God is clarifying to us how big He is, we wanted as many others as possible to get to see it too. The second thing wasn’t as much of a hope, as it was something to look forward to. When we learned we were going to be on the other side of this together, we also knew that on the other side we were going to look more like Christ. That is largely what the point of trial is. The last couple weeks have not been easy or “fun”, but if anyone were to say that what we are experiencing is senseless or cruel, it would not be possible for them to be more wrong. When everything feels shaky and unreliable, the truth of God’s goodness to us in even “gifting” us this whole scenario at all is the bedrock we are praying we will keep our feet planted on.

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